Crochet Shell Stitch Baby Blanket Pattern

crochet shell stitch baby blanket

For my first post of the year, I’m sharing a crochet shell stitch baby blanket! The Vintage Chic blanket is the quintessential baby blanket with a ruffled crochet border.   The pattern is easy enough for beginner crocheters, but still a fun project for those of you who have been crocheting for years and enjoy shell stitches.

Baby blankets are so much fun to make.  Because there is no shaping required, you can just work the pattern stitches and daydream or zone out.  For me, crocheting a blanket puts me in a similar state to meditating.  If I’m feeling stressed out one of the best ways to calm myself down is to work an easy, repetitive stitch for half an hour.

Since the blanket that I made for this post is very feminine, I would suggest using blue or green edging for a baby boy.  Also, if you find the edging too feminine, a few rounds of single crochet would definitely be a great alternative border.

Scroll down to see the Vintage Chic Classic Baby Blanket crochet pattern. The ad-free instant download PDF file can be purchased for easy printing and reading through Ravelry, or by clicking the button below.

crochet shell stitch baby blanket

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Crochet Shell Stitch Baby Blanket

What you will need

Here is what you will need to make this cozy shell stitch baby blanket:


This baby blanket measures 24.5″ X 33″.

Looking for More?

A few more beginner friendly baby blanket patterns for you!

Special Stitches

Shell:  (1SC, CH2, 4DC) in same ch or stitch.

Shell Stitch Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern – Free

Using your main colour, chain 102.

Row 1:  Shell in 2nd ch from hook; *skip 3 ch, shell in next ch; repeat from * to last 4 ch; skip 3 ch, 1SC in last ch; CH3, turn.

Row 2:  2DC in first sc; *shell in next ch2 space; repeat from * to last ch2 space; 1SC in last ch2 space; CH3, turn.

Row 3:  2 DC in first sc; *shell in next ch2 space; repeat from * to turning chain space; 1 SC in turning chain space; CH3, turn.

Repeat row 3 until your work measures approximately 23 inches (or desired length).  At the end of the last row switch to your second colour, CH1, turn.

Crochet Shell Stitch Edging:

Round 1:  Crochet around the border of the blanket evenly in single crochet (work 3 SC in each corner stitch of the border to prevent the corners from curling inwards). Once you have completed one round, join to first sc with a slip stitch.

Note: The top of the blanket is a little bit confusing for the first round since there are shells and not a straight row to work off of.  To begin the top border: CH1 and switch to your new colour. Work 3SC in the first sc. After that, work 1SC in each dc (each shell represents 4 stitches so you want to make 4 SC per shell). You will know you are doing it correctly because the top will start to straighten out. Once you reach the end of the row, work 3 SC in the top of the turning chain and continue to work around the border in single crochet.

Round 2: CH2, work (3 DC, 1 SC) in same stitch; *skip 3 sc, work (4DC, 1 SC) in next sc; repeat from * all the way around the border of the blanket. Join to beginning of the round with a slip stitch.

Fasten off and weave in all loose ends.

I hope you enjoyed the Vintage Chic crochet shell stitch baby blanket pattern.

The Ad-Free PDF file (which will be emailed to you automatically) can be purchased for $5 USD through Ravelry, or by clicking the button below.

crochet shell stitch baby blanket
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