Easy Beginner Baby Blanket

How to Crochet an Easy Beginner Baby Blanket

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How to Crochet a Baby Blanket

I’m so happy to share this baby blanket pattern with you guys! Let me start by saying that if you’ve never crocheted a baby blanket before, you have come to the right place. The pattern, which I’ve named The Hello Sunshine Baby Blanket is an easy beginner crochet baby blanket. It is the perfect pattern for anyone new to crochet that wants to know how to crochet a baby blanket that is adorable and cozy and looks like it took a lot of skill! The best part about this blanket is that after working the setup row, you only need to remember one row for the remainder of the pattern! And this row is super simple too!

Step by Step Tutorial

I know that starting a large project like a blanket can be intimidating, which is why I created an easy to follow, step by step video tutorial for you to follow and practice along with before you begin your project. In the video, I walk you through the stitch used on a small swatch. I can’t stress how important it is to make a swatch first before you begin your own baby blanket. You’ll not only get a chance to practice and master the stitch before you start, but you’ll also be able to check that the fabric has a good drape and feel to it. There’s nothing more irritating than beginning a blanket, and then after crocheting a number of rows realizing that you need to go up or down in your hook size or even change to an entirely different yarn!

Scroll down to the free baby blanket pattern on this page to watch the tutorial. You can also find the video on the Leelee Knits YouTube Channel at the following link: Easy Beginner Crochet Baby Blanket Video Tutorial.

Whether you’re making a snuggly gift for a little one or want to modify the pattern into a throw size, this video on how to crochet a baby blanket will help you achieve a beautiful result with minimal fuss.

Pay it Forward!

I hope you enjoy this pattern! Please feel free to share the link to this page on your social media or Pinterest account.

I truly appreciate all of you who get the word out about this site and my patterns!

❤️ Alnaar

Easy Beginner Crochet Baby Blanket

Easy Beginner Crochet Baby Blanket – Free Pattern

Materials required to crochet this baby blanket

To make one blanket:

  • Hobbii Amigo XL Worsted Weight Yarn:
    • 8 Skeins (872 yards) Primrose.
    • 5 Skeins (545 yards)White.
  • Size H-8 (5 mm) crochet hook.
  • Scissors.
  • Tapestry/yarn needle (for weaving in ends).

Yarn Choice

My goal this time was to make a cheerful looking blanket to remind me of sunnier days with all of the cool weather and rain we’ve been experiencing this spring up here in Calgary! Luckily I had the best yarn for this goal in my stash! I chose to work with Hobbii Amigo XL Worsted Weight Yarn in the colours Primrose (the yellow colour), and White. I’m super happy with the end result. Looking at this blanket definitely makes me feel a lot more cheerful, and I cannot wait to gift it to the next baby that enters my life!

Finished Blanket Size

Finished blanket measures:  32” wide X 47” long.

Special Stitches & Abbreviations

Ch : Chain.

Sc : Single Crochet.

Dc : Double Crochet.

Sts : Stitches.

Ad Free PDF File

The free pattern for this easy crochet blanket is available right here on this page, as this site is sustained through ad support.

If you like things a little more streamlined, I’ve put together an ad-free, downloadable PDF version of the pattern. It’s perfect for easy printing and can be can be purchased through My Ravelry Store or by clicking the “Purchase PDF File” button to the right.

Thank you so much for your support! It means the world to me, and I’m beyond grateful to be able to share my passion with you all.

How to Crochet a Baby Blanket with This Pattern – Video Tutorial

For a visual demonstration of how to crochet this blanket, I highly recommend watching the following video tutorial. In it, I cover step-by-step, how to crochet the stitch pattern used in this blanket, as well as some helpful tips like changing colours seamlessly as well as how to finish the top of the blanket for a straight edge.

Easy Beginner Crochet Baby Blanket Video Tutorial

More Free Crochet Patterns from Leelee Knits!

How to crochet a baby blanket - Easy Beginner Crochet Baby Blanket

The Pattern

With Colour A, chain 120 (or a multiple of 4 to change the width of the blanket).

Row 1: DC in 4th ch from hook; *skip next 3 chs, (SC, CH3, 3DC) in next ch; repeat from * to last 4 chs; skip 3 chs, SC in last ch; CH3, turn.

Row 2: DC in first sc, skip next 3 dc; *(SC, CH3, 3DC) in next ch3 space; repeat from * to turning ch; SC in turning ch space; CH3, turn.

Repeat Row 2 for pattern.

Complete 14 rows in Colour A and then change to Colour B. Continue changing colours after every 14 rows to match colour chart below.

Colour Chart & Changing Colours:

Complete 14 rows for each colour in the chart below, working from the bottom up.

How To Change Colours Seamlessly in Crochet:

To change colours seamlessly, follow these steps:

When you reach the last single crochet (SC) of the row in your current colour, begin the stitch as usual. However, when you’re ready to pull through the last loop of the SC, instead of completing it with the old colour, introduce the new colour yarn. Pull this new colour through the last loop of your SC to complete the stitch.

Next, using the new colour, chain three (CH 3) and continue crocheting the next row entirely in the new colour. This method ensures that the colour change is neat and barely noticeable, blending smoothly with the rest of your work.

If you’re still not sure of how to change colours for your blanket, watch the video tutorial above where I walk you through how to crochet the baby blanket and demonstrate colour changes.


Once you reach the final row of your blanket, finish as follows:

Last Row: DC in first sc, SC in next ch3 space; *CH3, SC in next ch3 space; repeat from * to last 2 sts; DC in last sc, DC in turning ch space.

Fasten off, weave in all loose ends, and enjoy your new baby blanket!

Pattern PDF File

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial on how to crochet a baby blanket with this pattern.

If you’d like your own copy, the Ad-Free PDF file (which will be emailed to you automatically) can be purchased through Ravelry, or by clicking the “Purchase PDF File” button to the right.

Thank you so much for your support! It means the world to me, and I’m beyond grateful to be able to share my passion with you all.

How to crochet a baby blanket - Easy Beginner Crochet Baby Blanket pattern
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